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IE Pass Revealer 3.1

IE Pass Revealer is a password recovery tool for Windows

IE Pass Revealer is a password recovery tool for Windows. When you insert a password into Internet Explorer and save it, anyone can use an application like this to retrieve it. Those asterisks that you see are nothing but a fancy way of replacing your password with something else. IE Pass Revealer can easily translate those asterisks into a readable password. The process is also fairly simple. Just install and run the application and make sure that you are running Internet Explorer in the background, and hit the Scan Now button. Then, the program will do its trick and show you the password. If there are several passwords to retrieve, IE Pass Revealer will show a list of them. It will list the webpage title that you see on the top of your Internet browser and, to the right, it will show the password. The trial version will only allow you to discover the last character of the password. The full version allows you to recover full passwords. In my attempts, the application successfully discovered the last letter of all the passwords I tried it with. It only works on Internet Explorer, though.

José Fernández
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  • It works as advertised


  • It only works with Internet Explorer
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